About Us

The purpose of Variotik is to help you freely transform your various and different ideas to the online with website, e-commerce and blog.

Variotik started out as a music, fashion and technology blog, but started development on August 15, 2013 to become a website builder, and finally on 17 November 2014 as an official company as Variotik Information Services.


Variotik was born with the dream of a powerful, flexible and as easy as possible website builder where everything is ready for the user.

By the way, the name Variotik comes from the Italian word “vario” meaning various and different.


Ahmet Kazım Özerten


Trusan Acar

General Manager

Ömer Özerten

Marketing Manager

Although we are a student startup project with a small team, our goal is the World and you can create it in 13 languages already.

We truly believe with all our heart that “together is strength”. If a site is successfully created in Variotik and continues to work, there is a huge team behind this success.

And we have too many companies, teams, developers and friends to help us out.

In other words, when you create a site with Variotik, people from all over the world work on this site, and the only reason why so many people work so hard is to have your dream website.